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I had a really good time doing these pictures for Daniel and Kylee, mostly because Daniel is my brother and I am very excited for him and Kylee. She is wonderful for him and he is very lucky to have found someone so amazing, and perfect for him. They are a great couple, and you can see the fun and love they have in these pictures.

I am excited to do the wedding photos for them in just under a month! Thank you again you two for asking me to do these for you! Enjoy this preview of their Engagement photos:

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Its been far too long since I have updated my blog and I figured this was a great set of pictures to use for it! I had a wonderful session with this amazing couple up above Sundance in Provo Canyon! These two are very photo-genic and fun to be with! I’m so excited for their wedding day!

This last one was done using a method called the Brenizer method. This is a breif explanation of what that is: “Essentially it is the same concept used by landscape photographers known as panorama stitching except instead of stitching a bunch of horizontal shots together to form a wide image, the images are horizontally and vertically stitched to create a wide and tall image not unlike a square. And because you are stitching together many files, you are creating a very high resolution image that can hold up to very large print sizes without loss in quality. By shooting at a very shallow depth-of-field (DOF) and then stitching the shots together, you’re exaggerating the shallow DOF.” To read more, visit:

Thanks again to Brady and Kayleigh for asking me to do the pictures for you! Can’t wait for the formals!

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I had a great time with Scott and Lisa up Provo canyon doing their engagement photos! They are fun, and great to work with. It was snowing like crazy, so we ventured out in the cold and I think it was totally worth it because we got some great shots!

Yes, that is a snow man in the background! 🙂 Someone was kind enough to make it right in the middle of the bridge!

Thanks again to Scott and Lisa!

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So I’m happy to announce that Pearson Photography has won the Brides Choice Award! This is the 3rd year in a row! There is no way Pearson Photography could have won this award without the many wonderful clients and their great reviews! Thank you to all my wonderful clients!

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I love doing engagements! It gives me a chance to get to know the couple before the big day! It removes tension and helps everyone feel more relaxed, which make the pictures look more realistic on not posed. Plus, its great ti get to know so many people! Here are a few of my favorite engagements from recent photo shoots:


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I had a great time working with this couple! I have none Jacob for just over 6 years now. We have been facebook friends and I was very excited when he sent me a message asking if I would be willing to do their wedding! I was more than happy to! We went out last Saturday, and although it was raining on us, we had a good time and got some great shots! I enjoyed meeting Shelby for the first time and I am really looking forward to doing their wedding this coming December! Thanks again Jacob and Shelby for letting me be apart of your special day! Now for some pictures!

I have been quite busy the past little while and thought I would just put up some pictures from a few of the weddings and photo shoots I have done. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Lauren And Chase:

Steven and Jana

Fulmer Family Pictures – Murray Park:

Megan and Bryan Engagements

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Here are some Engagement pictures I did last night for Jenni and Josh! I love the location, They found it themselves! I think it turned out great! Jenni and Josh are amazing and very photogenic. Hope you enjoy these pictures!

This door was pretty sweet!

This alley way was pretty neat as well!

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Thanks to my sister Andrea for letting me do the pictures for her and Nolan! I enjoyed it and I’m sure you loved the pictures! 😉

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Glenn Pearson
Pearson Photography

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It was great getting to work with Alyson and David! They are both photogenic and very easy going! I enjoyed spending the whole day with them and their families! Here are a few pictures from the their Salt Lake City Temple Wedding!

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

For some reason I really like the following picture. Not sure why it stands out to me about many of the others.
Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Salt lake City Temple Wedding

Thanks again Alyson and David, and also Kristen, who referred me to you in the first place! You all rock!

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